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It was a tough journey on the busy and popular “Oshodi-Apapa Expressway" at the core of Lagos Metropolis. I had boarded a bus at the Cele Axis en route to Apapa. Meanwhile, my tired eyes wanted some rest and it responded almost immediately at the start of the journey. The body went for what it wanted, a quiet nap- hopefully. And suddenly, there was a jerk which eventually disrupted the good flowing rest time. I sluggishly looked up to see what was amiss and how far we've journeyed. Instinctively my glance was the good look out of the bus' window; this was a distant view of Ships berthed at terminals having an overview from the busy vehicular roads. Almost instantly, a desire was brought anew!

Before this time, I had a friend and who happened to be a good neighbour at the time. He always said this to me: “John, you are young and agile, with great ability; a maritime career would be a good one for you. There are great prospects there for any young man.” He was persistent with these inducements, and over time my interest and curiosity to get on with what he kept saying grew. A desire to explore was born eventually and it grew. My present experience on the busy Metropolis road has just encountered this tender desire and the rest of the event became a passion longing to find expression. 

Firstly, I started out in looking for institutions that could train this young passionate lad (me). I went on surfing the internet, though at the time it was much expensive to do so.; but I pressed on, spending countless nights of “cyber cafe browsing" as popularly known then. I was on the lookout for available firms willing to recruit and train this yearning me. No matter the challenges I encountered I was still resolved and willing. As a target my search was not limited to my home country, off the shores was also my dear preference. Good enough, I found some worthy firms but they came up with one common excuse or the other; and this was the situation couple of times. Eventually I got the attention of a renowned firm, Shell Ship Manning Limited (SSML), they sent in their Training Brochure and that actually brought joy to a longing heart of mine. But this joy was short-lived when they disclosed that they do not offer trainings for residents of my home country. Alas this longing desire has met a roadblock again! This made me accede to the unfair put-off of every effort to achieve this desire. I then decided to go ahead and advance a career in other fields as earlier desired before this! Being enrolled in a conventional Uni at the time I kept on well with my studies, topping the class and in flying colours as well. But you know what, this little light of mine (burning desire) still lingered somewhere in my heart. Fortunately, information came concerning a Maritime school in town where I could give a try. I got the forms and applied. Educational entrance Exams came, I passed. Physical fitness exams came, I passed. Now it was time to make the decision of leaving a known terrace (Uni) to an uncharted territory (Maritime School). It wasn’t an easy one to do but I eventually did. 

I got into school, studied well enough even in the midst of the rigorous settings we were exposed to at the time. God was there all the way. I was resolved to come out good at every point. Favourably, companies came calling for new recruits in their establishments. We were assessed at various stages and eventually they picked their favourites. I was among! Interestingly, here is the gist. The same company that said there is no training offer for residents of my home country years back (during those trying times) was among the companies present, and I was chosen by them! 

I never noticed this remarkable coincidence until one day while I was digging through my library and I found that brochure of years back. Immediately, this was the scripture that went through my mind: John 15:16 “You have not chosen me I have chosen you and appointed you…” Do you know that while I was facing those obstacles and discouragements, I never discerned that I was already chosen by the One who cares much for me than I could care for myself.  

He placed His desire in my Heart, the desire took some time to be fulfilled (on a timely journey) and it eventually came through. Psalm 37:4 stated it clearly: “I (God) shall give you the desires of your heart when you delight yourself in me”. 

Friends, your creator still has you in mind even when you don’t. His desires for you might not be visible yet but I am very sure it is still on a timely journey. Understand this; all it will take is to delight yourself in His dealings with you. To delight in Him is to bring pleasure to Him and find pleasure in Him. This demands Total Surrender, Commitment, Dedication and Resilience. 

Psalm 34:5 has it this way: “I kept my eyes on Him and was radiant, and I was not put to shame”. You won’t be put to shame. 

If you are truly ready to take this stand of Delighting in your Creator, kindly say this sincere prayer with me: 

“Lord Jesus I come to you as one that need you, and I confess to you my sins of rejecting you hitherto. I now accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Accept me and please guide me through life’s journey and grant me the grace to delight in you. Thank you Jesus! Amen.” 

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Written by: John Uwaoma 

John Uwaoma is a seaman and the serving official in charge of the Sea of Galilee team of NFCS 


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