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The fellowship started with 7 brethren and by the grace of God it has grown to about  140 memberships across different shipping companies in the country and still growing.

While the recession was at its peak in Nigeria, when many companies were retrenching their staff or cutting back the salaries of their employee with many companies folding up, the Lord began to stir up the heart of a seaman – Joshua Oyetunde, with an unusual burden for the maritime industry.
While in continuous intercession, the Lord impressed upon his heart to start an online Global War Room for the Maritime Industry (GWRMI) via the social media - Whatsapp. The idea was shared with few brethren who love the Lord and believed in that call. Their purpose was to intercede for the maritime industry, that the kingdom of God begins to reign in the industry, and that a revival should break out.
On the 21st of November, 2016, the intercession platform was created and intercession commenced with 7 brethren. Their size later grew to 10. Together they continued interceding for the Industry until the Lord instructed them on the 22nd March 2017 to start the Nigerian Fellowship of Christian Seafarers.
Considering the nature of the seafaring trade, it seems impossible to gather seafarers, who operate across different time zones and different work shift, together in fellowship. The available bridge was technology.
On the 1st of May, 2017, the fellowship started up online through Whatsapp. Through the online platform, daily fellowship in prayers, exhortation and Bible study are held. Various teachings and seminars are made from time to time to ensure the making of a complete seafarer.
The fellowship started with 7 brethren and by the grace of God, it has grown to about 140 memberships across different shipping companies in the country and still growing. Glory be unto God.
By the leading of the Holy Spirit, the fellowship created an outreach for the seafarers’ wives – Nigerian Fellowship of Christian Seafarers’ Wives, NFCSW, through same online platform on November 1st, 2017. The Lord has increased the wives fellowship to over 40 memberships and still growing.
On April 8, 2018, the quarterly magazine of the fellowship - IRESTORE - was launched and dedicated on the platform with the purpose of projecting NFCS and her content to the world outside the platform. As this publication contains the written word of the Lord and his testimonies we believe it shall be a source of blessing to many and lead more maritime workers to Christ.
In May 2018, NFCS had her first annual live conference against all odds. The conference was a time of fellowship, impartation, networking and visitation to maritime agencies in the country. We believe God for more as the day goes by.   

Statement of Faith

We Believe

  • In the existence and the unity of Trinity – the God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • That God in unified partnership with the Son and the Holy Spirit created the universe and everything in it.
  • That Jesus through the virgin birth came to the world to redeem fallen mankind and restore man’s lost relationship with God, that He died on the cross and rose again on the third day, ascended to heaven and He is coming back to judge the world.
  • In the absoluteness, superiority and universality of the word of God and that same was inspired by the Holy Ghost.
  • In the indwelling, infilling and diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit in believers to effect all the benefits that the death and resurrection of Jesus affords.
  • In the oneness of the body of Christ irrespective of denomination